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We understand how much time it takes to call local brick stockists. Finding the right bricks you need and also finding the best price out there takes a lot of time. But you can save time by just speaking to us instead.

We can help you find your bricks easily. If you need a brick matching service, quotation or just need some help choosing the best bricks for your project, we’re here to help. We’ve helped homeowners choose bricks for their self-build dream and we’ve helped hundreds of house builders find the closest alternatives when their favourite brick lines have been discontinued.

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Since starting Brickhunter in 2004, we’ve helped hundreds of people find the exact bricks they need. With our network of brick stockists in the UK, we can locate your bricks fast so you don’t have to waste time calling individual brick merchants. We understand you’ve got lots of jobs to do, you can trust us to find the best bricks and prices in the UK.

Save contacting brick suppliers, choose Brickhunter instead.

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We sell every brick currently made in or imported into the UK.